Tadalis SX Tablets

Tadalis SX Tablets

Tadalis SX 20mg is an effective treat for erectile dysfunction (ED) in men, it contains 20mg of Tadalafil, the same active ingredient as brand named Cialis. Tadalis SX is a powerful impotence medication which is safe and affordable for regular use. It works by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis which allows for increased blood flow, thus allowing for an erection in response to sexual stimulation. Tadalis makes it easy to overcome erectile dysfunction and provides long lasting effect from 24 to 36 hours, making it an attractive alternative to Kamagra. Tadalis SX 20mg

Tadalis SX (Tadalafil) and Kamagra (Sildenafil) work in the same way as described above, the main difference between the two is Tadalafil's longer half life of 17.5 hours compared to Sildenafil's 4-5 hours. This makes for the longer lasting desired effects of Tadalis SX.

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Aside from being used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, the active ingredient in Tadalis SX (Tadalafil) is also used to alleviate the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, this is commonly known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Symptoms of BPH mainly center around irregularities when urinating, ie difficulty in urinating, weak streams, or the need to urinate frequently or urgently (especially at odd times of the night). Tadalafil treats the above symptoms by relaxing the smooth muscle tissue around the bladder and prostate.

Tadalis SX Tablets Dosage

Tadalis SX 20mg is best taken 30 minutes prior the sexual activity (with or without food). Take the pill with water. Any additional tablets should only be taken 24-30 hours after the consumption of the first one. When consuming Tadalis, it is best to avoid alcohol and food that his high in fat as this may result in Tadalis being less effective.

Tadalis Tablets - Any Side Effects?

Apart from side effects associated Apcalis Oral Jelly, Tadalis Tablets has a few other side effects, these include but are not limited to dizziness etc. These side effects associated with Tadalis are temporary and generally wear off without medical intervention. It is important for users to let their doctor know what other medications they are taking before using Tadalis.